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[18/02/12] Youngmin And Kwangmin-Interview- trans eng and trans esp

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Q: Have you ever been jealous of each other?
Kwangmin: No.

Q: You’ve never competed with each other before?
Youngmin: Only when we play Starcraft.

Q: Have you had a crush on the same person before?
Youngmin: No. Our ideal types are different. I prefer girls who are cute, Kwangmin prefers girls who are kind and clumsy(?).

Q: ¿Alguna vez ha tenido celos el uno del otro?
Kwangmin: No.

Q: ¿Usted nunca ha competido entre sí antes?
Youngmin: Sólo cuando jugamos Starcraft.

Q: ¿ alguna ves a ustedes les gusto la misma persona antes?
Youngmin: No. Nuestros tipos ideales son diferentes. Yo prefiero las chicas que son lindos, Kwangmin prefiere las niñas que son amables y torpe (?).

Taken from ISSUSIGE (who said not to believe this completely).
Chinese to English translation by boyfriend-champion.
Credit: boyfriend-champion
translation esp: boyfriend argentina

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